Modern medical facilities

New and emerging technologies, highly qualified medical personnel, high standards of medicine and close connection between clinical medicine and cutting-edge scientific research — all these make Israel one of the most popular destinations for medical tourists. MedPlus Israel Ltd. works with leading medical centers of Israel, gained recognition in the Middle East and worldwide.

Medical centers in Israel

Doctors of Israel

A world-class medical staff

Health care in Israel is best known for its highly qualified medical staff, epsecially oncologists, surgeons, cardiologists, specialists in rehabilitation and In-vitro fertilisation experts. MedPlus Israel Ltd. works with the country's best doctors, most of whom have extensive clinical experience while being professors at Israel's most prestigious universities.

18 years experience in medical tourism

Medical tourism has gained popularity over the past few years. But going overseas for medical treatment needs reliable assistance in the new country. MedPlus Ltd has been working since 1995 in the field of medical tourism in Israel. Official agreements with country's leading hospitals and private medical practices, network of company's representatives covering several countries around the world, individual approach to medical treatment and organizing leisure-time activities, efficiency, transparency and willingness to help 24/7 — all these make people want to recommend MedPlus Israel Ltd to their friends and relatives.

MedPlus Israel Ltd.

Medical checkup. diagnostic in Israel

Comprehensive medical service

MedPlus Israel Ltd provides a comprehensive service in medical diagnostic: from routine medical checkup to comprehensive health check and medical diagnostic procedures in specific fields, including in gynecology, paediatrics, oncology, cardiology. MedPlus Israel Ltd also provides both inpatient and outpatient medical treatment in all specialities, ranging from minor procedures to the most sophisticated surgeries.

Emergency medical transportation

MedPlus Israel Ltd. provides air ambulance service for people in a medical emergency: seeking surgical treatment, baby delivery or other emergency treatment in hospitals of Israel.

Aeromedical evacuation is being carried out by medically staffed and equipped air ambulance plane from anywhere in the world. Aeromedical crew is made up of specially trained flight paramedics and flight nurses that are able to provide medical care including surgical and obstetrics treatment in flight.

Emergency medical transportation to Israeli hospital

Private guided tours in Israel

Health, recreation and tourism in Israel

Israel is famous not only for its advanced hospitals, but also for its resorts. MedPlus Israel Ltd. offers individual wellness programs at resorts of Dead Sea and contry's other spa resorts developed at the locations of natural hot springs or sources of mineral water. Also, don't miss a chance to take a private sightseeing tour with our professional english-speaking guide.

Full-spectrum assistance

MedPlus Israel Ltd. provides full-spectrum assistance for people coming to Israel: from Meet & Greet at the Ben Gurion aiport, transport to anywhere in the country in the comfort of luxury vehicle to organization of your entertainment and leisure activities in Israel. We are here to make your life easier!

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