FAQ: Treatment, diagnosis and recreation in Israel

Getting there and accommodation

List of documents you need to visit Israel is largerly depends on where you are from. The list below is not a rule, but a recommendation you can use to check against your country's laws.

I. Passport / Travel documents

For travel abroad, you usually need a passport, or sometimes other document issued for purpose of international travel. Make sure you document is valid for at least 6 months.

II. Visa

Visitors to Israel must obtain a visa from one of the Israeli diplomatic missions, unless they are coming from one of the visa exempt countries. You can check if you are lucky online.

Important! As of January 2013, Israel no longer stamps foreign passports at Ben Gurion Airport, giving a piece of paper upon entering the country instead. Make sure you keep the card until you leave the country.

III. Invitation

After you approved your personal treatment plan and when tickets are bought, we send you a letter of invitation for medical tourists to Israel. Print it out and take with you. It is to ease passport control at the Ben Gurion International Airport.

IV. Travel insurance

Buy travel insurance policy most suitable for your. Usually travel insurance covers not only in case of accident or injury, but also your personal belongings, departure delays and many more, depending on the policy.

V. Parental consent for travel

If a child is going to be traveling to Israel without his or her parents, he or she may need to have a letter of parental consent for travel. Another kind of letter of parental consent may also be needed, when their minor child undergoes some forms of medical treatment.

VI. Results of medical examinations from local doctors

Please, take with you the results of medical examinations conducted in your country: X-rays, MRI results, blood tests, etc. They may be of great help when undergoing diagnosis or medical treatment in Israel.

When making a request remember to include your arrival dates and time, number of guests as well as vehicle class.

Your personal chauffeur will meet ang greet you at the Ben Gurion International Airport holding a sign with your name, drive you to your accommodation booked in Israel, help you with your luggage.

Important! Ben Gurion International Airport provides full range of services for passengers with Special Needs: wheelchairs, electric cars, rest rooms, etc[1]. Please, note that MedPlus Israel Ltd also provides transfer for people in medical emergency.

With some 3.5 million people visiting country each year, Israel offers many options of accommodations for visitors of all economic backgrounds.

Usually our clients pick from these options:

Important! Althougt transfer to hospitals is available from anywhere in Israel, we recommend to pick place to stay in country's central region (Tel Aviv, Netanya, Rishon LeZion), where most of the hospitals we working with are located. That will save you time and money.

You can visit Israel's remote parts (Eilat, Red Sea), taking one of the private tours across the country that we offer.

It depends on where you are. We higly recommend to take a look at online services for searching flight tickets like SkyScanner or Expedia. Also, check out airlines having Israel in their destinations list here, or take a look at El Al — Israeli flag carrier that serves many destinations, including 4 airports in East Asia, 25 airports in Europe, 4 airports in North America and 1 airport in Africa[1].

Yes, we do. For injured or sick people in a medical emergency MedPlus provides air ambulance service — a plane with paramedics crew on board, specially equipped to transport a patient from anywhere in the world to Israel.

Our flight coordinators solve all the issues of the aeromedical evacuation to Israel. Flight paramedics and nurses are able to provide medical care including surgical and obstetrics treatment in flight. Upon arrival to Ben Gurion International Airport a patient is being met by ambulance and delivered to one of the country's best hospitals.

Sure! When making a request remember to include your arrival and departure dates and time, number of guests as well as accommodation class (5-star hotel, apartaments, villa, etc.) desired. Please also make sure you include your valid email and phone number, so we can contact you for approval upon accommodation selected.

although help with travel booking is also possible, usually it's much easier to purchase flight tickets youself, either online or in your favourite airline's local office.

Most of the hotels and apartaments in Israel offer free internet connection. There also are a lot of Wi-Fi hotspots offering free internet access in public places in Israel.

To make and receive calls in Israel without paying expensive roaming charges you can purchase Orange bigtalk Prepaid — local prepaid SIM card. We are ready to help you with the purchase!

Price and payment

Since every single patient is being treated in accordance with his or her personal treatment plan, there is no fix price list.

After we receive you request (results of the medical examinations from your local doctors can be helpful), we come up with your personal treatment programme in Israel. The treatment plan includes appointments for medical procedures and consultations along with their costs. Treatment plan development is completely free of charge. When done, the plan is sent to you for your approval. Since this is to be done before you arrive to Israel, you know the prices before treatment starts.

When treatment plan is approved by you, fees are expected to stay unchanged. There's one exception though — misdiagnosis made by your local medical specialists. In such a case fees (and treatment plan itself) can be changed in accordance with the correct diagnosis. But again, only after you get informed about changes proposed and upon your approval.

Important! Prices for diagnostics procedures and medical treatment in Israel are lower than in many western countries while quality is higher. This is on of the reasons why people prefer Israel to many others medical tourism destinations.

We make it easier for our clients to pay for medical treatment in Israel. After meet and greet at the Ben Gurion International Airport, we provide private transfer to the hotel you booked. Then, we meet you again in our office to explain details of the treatment plan and schedule of consultations and medical procedures to come. Then you make a payment — in accordance with you personal treatment plan.

We accept payments by credit cards or cash in United States Dollars (USD) or Israeli Shekels (ILS). In some cases bank transfers are also acceptable. Say, you went to Israel for checkup and found out that medical treatment is also needed. You have enough time to undergo the treatment, so your relatives or friends can make a bank transfer to pay your expenses in Israel.

Recreation and tourism in Israel

Israeli climate is distinct with the mild and short winters (November to March), long, warm, dry summers (April to May). Climate of Israel's more mountainous regions — such as Jerusalem — can be dryer and colder. Climate chart of Israel looks like this[1]:

Average temperatures in Israel
MonthAverage temperature, ° C

Israel also enjoys long bathing season on the shores of both Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Dead Sea as well as the Sea of Galilee[1, 2]:

Mean sea temperatures in Israel
MonthMean sea temperature, ° C
Tel AvivEilatSea of GalileeDead Sea

Sure enough, it depends on your health. Most of our clients do have some entertainment and tours across the country in addition to medical treatment in Israel.

Important! MedPlus Israel Ltd offers personal tours across the country in the comfort of luxury vehicle with professional english-speaking guide.

You can:

  • take a guided tour to one of the most popular tourist destinations (Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Bahá'í gardens in Haifa, Tel Aviv, Dead Sea and many more),
  • ask for a special tour (say, you are an avid bird watcher and you want to observe bird migration through Israel)
  • or take a ride on chauffeur-driven luxury, air-conditioned car without guide to anywhere in the country — for some shopping, entertainment or for a wonderful dinner in one of the best restaurants of Israel.

Treatment and diagnosis in Israel

MedPlus Israel Ltd offers the following services:

I. Medical diagnosis in Israel

MedPlus provides the following options of medical diagnosis:

General Chek Up

Regular express diagnostics. There are programs for children, smokers, women planning pregnancy, and older people.

Comprehensive Medical Examination

Comprehensive medical examination for women, men, gastroenterological diagnosis, cardiac diagnosis, oncological diagnosis and other illness-specific or organ-specific in-depth diagnosis.

Read more about medical diagnostics in Israel here.

II. Medical treatment in Israel's best hospitals

MedPlus provides medical care services of all branches exist in modern medicine. Read more about medical treatment procedures available here.

Important! When it comes to operation or receiving any other form of medical treatment, Israeli doctors rely mostly upon results of medical examination conducted in Israel.

III. Treatment and recreation at resorts of the Dead Sea

Vacation and recreation at one of the Dead Sea resorts: a unique SPA experience as well as therapeutic mud and mineral water of the Dead Sea. Sun exposure, bathing in the Dead Sea, using therapeutic mud and sulfur-rich thermo-mineral baths at the Dead Se resorts have long been advised for people suffering from skin diseases, rheumatic diseases and conditions as well as respiratory diseases. Psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, inflammatory arthritides, asthma, hypertension — all of these diseases are being treated at the resorts of the Dead Sea.

Read more about recreation and vacation at resorts of the Dead Sea here.

IV. Tour «Healthy Vacation»

Tour «Healthy vacation» — combines medical checkup with vacation on the Dead Sea as well as private sightseeing tours across the country.

One-week programme includes:

  • Private guided sightseeing tour across the country.
  • Vacation on the world famous resort, the Dead Sea.
  • Express check up in of the country's best hospitals. It takes only 4-5 hours to undergo all diagnostics procedures.

You may want to take a look at this article, which describes thoroughly how our service works from planning your travel to comming back home.

Although usually medical consultations are held in Hebrew, english is widely spoken amongst Israeli medical staff. MedPlus provides an interpreter whenever english translation is needed.

Treatment or diagnosis term depends on:

  • standard treatment of diagnosis programme you have choosen (diagnostics may take 2 to 7 days)
  • individual treatment plan with appointments and medical procedures designated by specialists.

Israeli health care meets the highest standards of medicine. As one of the most highly developed health care systems in the world open for international patients, Israel is being visited by 30'000 medical tourists from all over the world each year. That's why we guarantee that you will not be wasting your time while receiving medical treatment in Israel. From our experience we know that diagnosis (from taking blood and other tests to medical conclusion translated into English) may take as little as 3 to 7 days depending on which diagnosis option you have choosen.

Accuracy of diagnosis made in Israel is one of the highest in the world. This is possible thanks to the higly qualified medical staff, advanced medical equipment of high precision, and very close connections with modern cutting-edge medical reasearch. Read more about health care in Isreal here.

Results of the medical examinations (blood test, x-rays, MRI results, medical conclusions and reports) from home may be of some help but not really required for operation or treatment in Israel. You can email these results to us. They will be used by Israeli doctors for informational purposes only. Before making any decisions regarding your treatment in Israel, medical specialist may carry out a diagnosis in hospital department he or she works in.

From our experience we know that in most cases outpatient treatment is enough — you stay in the hotel/apartaments and every day we take you to the hospitals and private practices for therapies or consultations in accordance with your personal treatment plan.

Inpatient treatment is required, when:

  • Patient is in a medical emergency (is extremely ill or are has severe physical trauma).
  • Diagnosis may only be done as a part of inpatient care.
  • Before and after an operation.

As an inpatient, you will stay in hospital for several days. How long does it take before the discharge depends on you health conditions and complexity of treatment needed.

Apart from being modern, neat, tidy, and equipped with advanced medical equipment, rooms in Israeli hospitals also allow your relatives and friends to stay with you as long as they want.

Each patient bedroom has adequate space. There usually are 2-3 beds in the room divided by the folding screen to separate a personal part for each patient.

Single bedrooms are also available in most of the hospitals. There are play rooms, multimedia rooms in some children hospitals of Israel.

When planning your visit to Israel, take into account:

  1. Doctors' work schedule.

    Although Israel has on of the highest ratios of doctors per thousand of people, MedPlus makes all appointments needed in advance.

  2. Time and costs.

    Sometimes, when diagnosis is made, doctors find out that operation or other medical treatment is required. In such a case patient has a choice: either extend the stay in the country and undergo the treatment needed or postpone the treatment prescribed until the next visit (if the patient is not in medical emergency, but extention of the stay is not possible and/or the budget is limited).

  3. National holidays of Israel

    During national holidays Israel comes to a standstill: public transportation does not operate, neither does medical centers, banks, etc. That is why MedPlus makes appointment bearing in mind public holiday.

Apart from that, there are no limits to your visit to Israel. Israel enjoys almost all year round.

Rehabilitation programs are offered in general hospitals as well as in specialized rehabilitation hospitals and centers. Rehabilitation is usually done in addition to the treatment that patient undergo in Israel, but also is being carried out as a separate procedure.

A variety of rehab programs available in Israel. Amongst the most popular are:

  • postoperative rehabilitation
  • orthopedic rehabilitation
  • neurological rehabilitation
  • cancer rehabilitation
  • cardiac rehabilitation

Also, do not forget about rehabilitation and recreation at resorts of the the Dead Sea. Sun bathing, bathing in the Dead Sea and thermo-mineral baths, therapeutic mud and salts have been long used for rehabilitation. MedPlus is always ready to help you in choosing suitable rehab programme or organize the programme prescribed by Israeli doctors.

After the treatment is finished you get a medical conclusion in English language. So that you local doctor can continue the treatment in your country (if needed) in accordance with the medical follow-up ordered by Israely specialists.

MedPlus Israel Ltd. stays in touch with its clients even when the treatment in Israel is long over. We are always ready to answer any questions regarding your treatment follow-up at home.

Along with public, state-owned pharmacies there are small, private pharmacies in Israel as well as large drugstore chains like New Pharm and SuperPharm. Our staff will help you to buy all medications prescribed in Israel.

If the medication prescribed is out of stock, MedPlus place a special order from a drug wholesaler, then buy it and ship it to you if you have already left the country.