Why do people prefer medical treatment in Israel?

Medical tourism

Medical treatment abroad is getting popular. Thousands of tourists seek medical services abroad annualy. Amongst many destinations, Israel has become the most popular. There are good reasons for such an influx of medical tourists into Israel:

  1. Israeli health care is well-known for its higly qualified medical staff.
  2. Israeli health care has very close connections with modern cutting-edge medical reasearch.
  3. Both state-owned and private hospitals of Israel are equipped with advanced medical equipment.
  4. Israel is one of the largest manufacturers of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals in the world.
  5. Climate of Israel as well as its resorts are ideal for recreation.
  6. Medical treatment in Israel is affordable.

Highly qualified medical personnel

Israel has on of the highest ratios of doctors per thousand people. To become a doctor in Israel, an applicant must meet all proficiency requirements including 6-years education in one of the five country's universities. Entrance requirements are very strict. Doctors trained abroad also must pass a licensing examination, to ensure that their medical training is up to high standards of Israel's health care.

Israeli medical professionals are recognized in the Middle East region as well as worldwide. Israeli surgeons practising around the world. Israeli oncologists, cardiologists, specialists in rehabilitation and fertilization experts gained worldwide recognition.

Modern hospitals

There are 60 hospitals in Israel today. Most of them are stated-owned and controlled by Israeli Ministry of Health. Private hospitals also exit and mostly belong to non-profit organizations and charities.

Along with large busy hospitals with many departments specialist clinics also exist in Israel, providing advanced diagnostic and treatment treatment for specific health issues: fertility, plastic surgery, etc.

Seven health providers of Israel have achieved accreditation by Joint Commission, an international organization that sets safety and quality standards of medical care.

Thanks to the government's strong support (7.7% of country's GDP is spent on healthcare), today Israel has one of the lowest child mortality rates and one of the highest life expectancies — with 80 years for males and 84 years for females.

MedPlus Israel Ltd works with Israel's best hospitals and doctors.

Israeli scientific achievements

There's a close connection between Israeli health care and intensive medical research being conducted in the country and worldwide, which definitively adds to Israel's advantages as a medical tourism destination. Country's impressive achievements in healthcare could not be possible without advanced cutting-edge biotechnology, medical and clinical research.

Israeli science has many outstanding, worldwide recognized achievements. These were israeli scientists, who had started stem cells research, invented methods for producing a human growth hormone, came up with treatments of pancreatic cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and some viral diseases. Robotic prosthetic hand — which may seem as something completely futuristic and visionary — MRI system for identifying breast and testicular cancer, all these and many more had been invented in Israel.

Advanced technologies, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals

Israel is one of the world's leading manufacturers of sophisticated hi-tech medical equipment: computed tomograpy devices, MRI scanners, sonographic devices, PET/CT-Systems, miniature cameras for gastrointestinal diagnosis, surgical lasers, etc.

Teva, world's largest generic drugs manufacturer, is headquartered in Israel. All medicines must have a licence issued by Israeli Ministry of Health, which ensures manufacturer's compliance with governmental regulations adherence to strict quality control policies.

Tourist-friendly climate and resorts

Israeli climate is distinct with the mild and short winters, long, warm, dry summers as well as long bathing seasons, including at the Israel's best-known resorts of the Dead Sea.

Tourist-friendly climate with a therapeutic effect along with region's rich historical and cultural heritage add to popularity of Israel, which is being visited by 30'000 medical tourists from all over the world annualy.

Affordable prices

Israel offers a full-spectrum health care service. Some of the treatment procedures are unique to israeli health care and not available in other countries of the world. Moreover, prices really are affordable, especially for patients with no health insurance. Prices for some medical procedures like in vitro fertilization or bypass surgery are 3-5 times cheaper than prices in United States.

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