Why do people use our service?

MedPlus Israel Ltd is one of the leading companies in Israel providing services for medical tourists. Every single say we handle enquiries from people from all over the world seeking medical treatment in Israel. Requests range from annual health checkup to visit to one of the country's best doctors or planning therapeutic recreation at the Dead Sea. We do our best to provide the best service possible. That's why we stand for continuous professional development of our staff, and constant and never-ending service improvement.

We are proud of ourselves!

Unfortunately, the high demand for medical treatment in Israel has lead to many sham firms to appear in the field. Seeking easy money while neglecting professional ethics and even breaking laws, these companies have caused tremendous harm to the whole industry of medical tourism. But for MedPlus Israel Ltd reputation and trust of the clients earned over the years of hard work do matter. MedPlus has its brand. We are proud of our mission, achievements and higly qualified staff with almost 20 years experience in the field and ready to help people from all over the world!

World's leading doctors

MedPlus Israel Ltd provides an access to the world's top health care services. We work with country's leading health care providers, prominent israeli doctors holding the highest qualification, practising and teaching in the world's most prestigious hospitals and universities. Should you undergo medical treatment abroad, MedPlus Ltd guarantees that you are being treated not by just a doctor on duty, but by the best specialist in the field.

More than the medical treatment

Not only is Israel a popular medical tourism destination, but also is an ideal place for recreation, leisure and entertainment. MedPlus Ltd provides a full-spectrum service for people coming to Israel — from assistance with booking a room to organizing private sightseeing or shopping tours.

Transparency of services and prices

One more principle we value highly is transparency. Our clients know exactly know what service they will get and how much does it cost. You know the price before you go — along with your personal treatment plan and have all appointments made in advance. All payments are to be done by cash or credit card upon your arrival in our office.

An individual approach to every patient

MedPlus Ltd guarantees an individual approach for each patient, which extends to every signle product or service we provide — from meet and greet service at the Ben Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv) to personal diagnostic or treatment plan in Israel as well as private sightseeing tours with your personal english-speaking guide.


We value your time. This is why we work as efficiently as we can. Usually it takes only 1 to 48 hours to process your request and come up with an individualized treatment plan. We do our best to adhere to the scheduled procedure time for each patient, so all we make appointments needed before you even go to Israel, to ensure you are not wasting your time in hospital queues. This strategy helps you not only to save your time abroad, but also to reduce your expenses.

Representatives in your country

MedPlus builds up network of trusted partners, to get closer to you! Today we have representatives in United States, Canada, Germany, throughout Russia and Ukraine as well as in Central Asia region. Our trusted partners are ready to help you with MedPlus' services and get started with a visit to Israel.

Post-treatment support

Most of the companies involved into medical tourism in Israel “forget” about the client after treatment is finished. On the contrary, MedPlus Israel Ltd. stays in touch with its clients even when the treatment in Israel is long over. For us reputation matters, and so does well-being of our clients. This is why we are ready to answer any questions regarding the continued treatment at home, rehabilitation, supervision by the local specialist, etc. Our clients can confirm our commitment to your requirements, sensitive, individual approach to every patient, and so they recommend us to their friends and relatives.